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About GmbH is a team of motivated 3D perfectionists specialising in New Technology, Automotive and Engineering projects.

With over 30 years of experience in the field of illustration, design and visualisation we offer our clients a professional creative solution for their visual communication needs.
Working with advertising agencies and manufacturing companies, we produce high-end computer generated images, animations and interactive media.

Whether you are exploring a new design, wanting to visually demonstrate the functionality and mechanics of a product or simply want to wow your audience with a visual show, the use of 3D animations and visualisation will help you achieve your goal.

Using our technical know-how and an eye for detail, we are able to produce the perfect visual solution for every brief.

We are committed to delivering the best possible results, with a professional supportive service, on time and budget.


Our areas of expertise:

    • 3D Technical Animations
    • 3D Technical Visualisation
    • 3D detailed technical Exploded, cut away or ghosted illustrations
    • Photo realistic 3d imaging and compositions
    • Photo-Retouching
    • Video-editing/cutting

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Carl Dixon

Managing director

Carl Dixon


Phillip Dixon

Apprentice - 3D Artist

Ilse Dixon

Organisation/ Accounts

Ilse Dixon

Iris Tellmann

Organisation/ Backoffice

Iris Tellmann

Florian Schüle

3D Artist

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